Natural Environment Objective NE1 page 45 It is an objective of the Council to protect the Broadlough area from the negative impacts of adjoining development .
Objective NE3 page 45. It is an objective of the Council to ensure that future development in the Murrough SAC incorporates measures to minimise the impacts upon the local flora and fauna habitats.
Objective NE4. Page 45. It is an objective of the Council to ensure that future development does not have a material impact upon the Murrough NHA by requiring future development proposals to include a report….
10.3 page 47 …the area surrounding the Black Castle is zoned as open/space amenity. This zone designation is consistent with the aim of protecting the rare floral species supported in the Black Castle area. …A buffer zone along the river bank is proposed in the Murrough and Bollarney North areas
Policy NE1 page 48. It is policy of the Council to facilitate the protection of the Murrough from sea erosion.
Policy NE3 page 48. Ensure that development at the Murrough is consistent with the need to protect the coastal area as an amenity and ecological resource.
Policy NE4 page 48. Development proposals within 10 metres of the edge of the river Leitrim shall have to demonstrate their potential impact upon the river and propose appropriate mitigation measures.
MAAP (Murrough Action Area Plan) Policies. 4. Ensure that the river edge and coastal edge are made secure, protected from erosion as necessary and are accessible to pedestrians and cyclists.
MAA (Murrough Action Area) Objectives 2. Develop a landscaped linear public park along the coastal edge of the Murrough connecting to the Murrough wet lands/Broadlough
MAA (Murrough Action Area) Objectives 7. Facilitate the provision of a tourist Information Centre for Wicklow Town on the Murrough